STEAM is a student initiative that expands STEM—the acronym for the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math fields—to include Art + Design. The movement began with the STEM to STEAM Initiative. The STEAM mission has widened to bring together people across all disciplines to learn from each other and see how similar their work is at its core.

The mentality of STEAM hinges upon the ability to draw connections between disciplines and collaborate at the interface. We strive to integrate the creativity and aesthetics of the arts; the problem solving tools and rigor of the STEM fields; and the critical thinking and ethical considerations of the humanities. We believe that this unification powerfully drives progress toward the future.

As a student group we hold regular STEAM-related meetings, discussions, speakers, and workshops. We also do outreach within Brown/RISD and the local community, and take occasional field trips. We seek to provide a platform, resource base, and discussion group for interdisciplinary thinking and projects.

Our core members are:

Eliot Bassett-Cann is fifth year architecture student at RISD pursuing design strategies for social development and innovation through a Design Laboratory called DESINE-Lab as well as research and advocacy for STEAM in RISD’s Government Relations Office. She is RISD STEAM’s VP for Community Engagement; and focuses on community interaction through architecture and urban planning with emphasis on emerging technology.

Gabriel Filsinger is a Senior at Brown studying Biological Physics and Chemistry, and is a VP at Brown STEAM.  His relevant interests include cancer research, mythology, and building problem solving approaches that bridge the sciences, the arts, and business.

Ryan Mather is a Junior at RISD studying Industrial Design and VP at RISD STEAM. His interests include shifting manufacturing paradigms, creative programming, and furniture design.

Hanna McPhee is a Senior currently pursuing her independent concentration in Biologically Inspired Design and is the Co-President of Brown STEAM. Hanna’s current interests include exploring analytical and creative minds through the scientific process and design theory, as well as project managing for the Brown/RISD/FHE Solar Decathlon team.

Catherine Leigh Schmidt is a Senior in Graphic Design at RISD and the President of RISD STEAM. Catherine is a proficient programmer and typographic enthusiast.

Michelle Site is a Senior concentrating in Biology at Brown. In January 2013, Michelle started Brown STEAM to bring art/science hybrid students together into one community. Michelle’s current projects explore scientific content through informal learning environments, printmaking, and poetry.

Lukas WinklerPrins is a Junior applied math major at Brown and a VP of Brown STEAM. His interests include translation between media, physics, LEGO, and furniture.