The Creative Scholars Project is a weekly discussion group – hosted by the Creative Mind Initiative and the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts - which examines creativity as it plays out in the teaching and research of faculty and students across academic disciplines at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. These conversations are a critical engagement with our creative processes in our teaching, research, and scholarship. We are interested in promoting interdisciplinary and interinstitutional conversations about what creativity is, how to better foster conditions for promoting it, and how to translate these insights into more effective pedagogies for teaching creative process within our respective disciplines.
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Playtime - How to Think About Games

Playtime – How to Think About Games

We just can’t stop thinking about games. Over the course of the semester, our discussions and workshops have centered on word games, board games, computer games, and how each has the potential to shift (or explode) our mode of thinking. Michael Stewart, lecturer in the Brown English department, employs Surrealist parlor games “to make the writing...
The Architecture of a Syllabus

The Architecture of a Syllabus

Kali Quinn and TJ Kalaitzidis floated a prompt: “When we think about learning, what do we love, what do we fear, what do we feel?” During a Friday Creative Scholars meeting, they challenged us to peer through this visceral lens as we mapped the architecture of a class-term. But rather than launch directly into a...