This is a first iteration of the website for the summer STEAMstudio class for Summer@Brown. The goal  is to combine blended online learning with STEAM curricula.  I’m also hoping to make this available to students working in the Prince Lab Makerspace, DesignStudio, and ENGN1000 this spring.

This is just a first iteration, really more of a mock up, so please let us know how we can make it better. There is a fuller description of some of the objectives of the project if you click “What is STEAM” (I’m hoping that Brown/RISD STEAM clubs can help me with this too). We will crit it this upcoming Tuesday at Creative Scholars (12:00, Granoff Center). I would love to get your feedback and suggestions. I’d like to develop many more tools, resources, and exercises that will be useful in my classes, and helpful to others interested in project based learning and STEAM curricula.

Come Tuesday at 12:00 in the Granoff Center Convivum and help us make this better.