1) We will continue the conversation this week about the possibilities of online learning and STEAM curricula with special guest, and RISD Graphic Design Professor, John Caserta. We will discuss how visual literacy and new digital tools (such as those designed by John, i.e.: ) allow us to reimagine how we produce and share knowledge online, and the implications this has for online learning. Come help us imagine what the next generation of online learning will look like. Same time, same station, as always: 12-1, Tuesday in the Granoff Center Convivum.

2) If you’re interested in learning more about visual literacy, The Creative Mind Initiative and the Science Center are hosting a lecture by Gareth Cook ’91 titled “Infographics: The Origins and Future of Visual Thinking.” The event begins this Wednesday at 8 p.m. in MacMillan Hall, Room 115, 167 Thayer St.

3) And last but not least, check out Deb Mills-Scofield’s blog post about the importance of STEAM education on our newly rebooted CSP blog. Leave your comments, and if you’re interested in contributing to the blog with your own ideas about STEAM and online learning (or anything else related to the development of creative process) email me.